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Gather with an ensemble of arts educators, campus administration and community leaders at The West Studios in Houston as attendees explore ways to enhance school learning by embracing collaboration. Join Sentito Arts Foundation as our veteran teachers share stories about getting staff to promote one vision. Renew strength for the home stretch as you hear the truth that you're not alone in your endeavors. Gain knowledge as we offer insight on ways to equip your school community with strategies to assist in cross-curricular lessons. We will conclude with a powerful presentation and panel discussion that instructors in underserved areas don't want to miss!  

Where: The West Studios, 948 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77008

When: January 12, 2019 

Time: 2:30PM-5:30PM

Registration Fee: $50


Sessions include:

  • Bridging Culture Across Campus with Engaging Activities

  • Gaining Director Support through Positive Influence

  • CAPSTONE: "Music in Urban Settings" by Tiffiny Reckley


P.S. There will be a door prize and other drawings as well! Winners may receive items from Ruby RibbonApplied String Lessons and more! Additional tickets are available on the registration form.


This workshop is open to future and aspiring teachers as well. Sentito Arts Foundation exists to share this knowledge and advocate for our fine arts community. We are looking #forward to seeing you there!

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