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  • Why do programs have registration fees?
    Our programs require registration fees from participants in order to assist in facility rental fees, purchasing supplies, and providing snacks and materials for activities.
  • What else is providing to program participants after registration?
    Participants of all programs will receive the following: Program T-shirt and access bands Materials for program activity (music, canvas, etc.) Community curiosity items (decals, stickers, pen/pencil, etc.) 2 FREE tickets for family and/or friends to program performances and exhibits
  • Will I need to bring anything with me to the program?
    Yes! Please bring necessary items with you to activities: Access band to identify you with Sentito and the program for security purposes. Musicians require their personal instrument, music stand and accessories (rosin, oils, grease, sticks, etc.) Tablets/laptops will be used for SWAP activities and when using digital music. Preferable when playing in the dark! Artists will need their art supplies, dancers proper attire, and writers their pad/utensil. A positive attitude!
  • Do you need any help?
    Yes! Simply fill out a volunteer form with your area of experience and a Sentito representative will be in touch when you are needed. Volunteers over 23 years of age may lead activities after internship and sit in with participants. We look #forward to working with you!
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